Terry Wogan says BBC is no longer best in the world

I loved this from Terry Wogan in the Guardian today:

Terry Wogan has said the BBC has lost its standing as the finest broadcaster in the world and that its bosses lack "old-fashioned thoroughness and commitment" .... "When I sent my first tape to the head of gramophone programmes at the BBC, I had made the fatal mistake of forgetting to rewind it to the start," he said. "Yet that gentleman took the time to wind it all the way back, and once he'd listened to it, things went from there," Wogan added. "I can tell you, if I was a young chap coming over from Ireland today, they probably wouldn't even listen to my tape, let alone rewind it. "Somehow, that old-fashioned thoroughness and commitment have disappeared. I suppose no one has the time for it any more."

You are right Terry, instead there is a new fashioned thoroughness and commitment generally that if an applicant is so lazy as to not even check the state of what they had sent in and unnecesssarily waste interviewers time, they would - rightly - not be even be looked at. Who knows what briilliant broadcasters were overlooked because you were given a second chance.