In Praise of Overpriced Pizzas (posted 14th September 2006) An upset visitor writes to complain to Dunoon's excellent local paper that at Dunoons annual highland games (the Cowal Highland Gathering) they were "ripped off" by pizzas 20% more than they had been the day before the Games and bars charging "city centre" prices. Ripped off by "city centre" prices? Well, this is the one time in the year when Dunoon has "city centre" level crowds at the bar. And charging more for the pizzas means those who really are prepared to pay these prices get what they want, otherwise queues would lengthen and stocks would run out. Those who don't want to pay these prices can bring sandwiches. And bars and restaurants can get enough income over a few hours to both help stay in business the rest of the year and cut prices outside the Games - as the writer found out earlier that week.

Overpriced? Well, depends how you look at it. One fares survey for the Executive few years ago asked residents if they thought it was fair to charge higher prices at peak periods. Unsurprisingly they got a resounding "no" from respondents. However, I pointed out then that when you ask people if they think if fares should be lower for off-peak travel, guess what - people are enthusiastic. But the two questions are basically identical, just different ways of saying the same thing.

Like the man said, it's the way you tell them.