The Tony Blair Legacy (posted 6th September 2006) Puzzled by the speculation about what will be Tony Blair's "legacy" and how he will ensure it. More His legacy is already guaranteed and destined for the history books, just as it was for Anthony Eden in 1956. Fifty years later, say "Eden" and what do you think of? Suez. Say "Blair" and what will they think of in 2056? (If in doubt stick "Tony Blair" +legacy into Google and see what word already comes up time and again). A Telegraph article written in 2003 got it right, but for the wrong reasons - the headline said: "Iraq will be Tony Blair's legacy: as it should be". Remarkably, the article was written along lines that Iraq would be a triumphant monument to Tony Blair, "located in a moment in history to which he is fantastically well-suited" .... "the Prime Minister is unshakeable, adamantine, iron". Blair's legacy in the history books will not be foundation schools or ASBOs for under-fives. It will be another well-deserved four-letter legacy, just as for Eden.

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