for BabyBoomers

Note: some may be unavailable due to being pulled because of copyright infringement. Links checked and all live as of 26th June 2008. They will be checked regularly, please let me know (contact details on main page) if you encounter any problems.

Just click on the links. YouTube defaults to part screen, but you can click to make it full screen.

OK, so I didn't ask copyright permission from YouTube to reproduce their logo - but if you know anything about YouTube you will know that is how the whole thing works anyway.

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven at O2 Arena December 2007 (or least for as long as the cyberpolice allow...

Also listening to KFOG, heard Wille Nelson's gay cowboy song. When I Googled to find out if I had heard the words right, I found the religious right going crazy over it - so it is worth it just for that....


How sad can you get as a BabyBoomer - the opening sequence from Easy Rider with Steppenwolf "Born to be Wild"

Judson Laipply The Evolution of Dance (over 37million views on YouTube, every BabyBoomer will find himself/herself here, including my BabyBoomer lecturer friend who twenty years ago had a student tell him at the departmental Xmas party "my dad dances like that ...")

First up, the two best comedians ever, one telling a story about a Scotsman, the other a Scotsman... neither of the first two are suitable for the young and/or the overly sensitive

Robin Williams: A drunk Scotsman invents golf

and Billy Connolly: A wee beige jobby

Cloud hands (Joni Mitchell meets T'ai Chi - Stewart Kilpatrick recommended this in his "Lazy Guide to Net Culture: So farewell then"

Two current favourites; Angry professor (every academic will think when they see this; I wish I had done that); and while we are on the subject of academics, see Every Breath Bernanke Takes, a brilliant piece by Columbia Business School students...

and then (and you know which I'm talking about...) The most memorable England goal - ever (the BabyBoomer connection is the revenge of fate for the third-goal-that-wasn't in 1966).

Music clips for BabyBoomers

Leonard Cohen Suzanne

Frankie goes to Hollywood Two Tribes

Godley and Creme Cry

Robert Palmer Simply Irrestistible

R.E.M Losing my religion

Beatles Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields

Tom Robinson Band 2-4-6-8 Motorway and Glad to be Gay

Crosby Stills and Nash: Suite Judy Blue Eyes (ah, Woodstock....)

Simon and Garfunkel Feeling Groovy

I'll update this regularly. Now back to browsing my Old Eagles annuals (complete set, £100, eBay...). I know, sad.